RateCompare is a free fixed deposit comparison website for all South Africans

Where can I find the best fixed deposit rates?

It is frustrating 😠 work to compare deposit rates offered by our South African banks. You will often need to investigate the fine-print 🕵️ to convert advertised rates to effective annual rates. Only then can you compare apples 🍏 with apples 🍏. Who wants do that?

That is why I created ratecompare.co.za. To make comparison simple 🎉 and rank the fixed deposit rates - all converted into effective annual rates- for the following terms:

  • Best 3 Month Rates - Rankings - You can expect to earn the least amount of money if you are fixing your money for three months. Nevertheless our retail banks are still providing good rates which beat inflation! Compare them here
  • Best 6 Month Rates - Rankings - Tying your money down for 6 six months allows you to earn about 0.4% more compared to a 3 month term. That is a great pick up in yield!
  • Best 12 Month Rates - Rankings - one year fixed deposits compared & ranked
  • Best 2 Year Rates - Rankings - SA Retail bonds (issued by government) are also on offer for two, three and five year terms. See where they rank vs fixed deposit rates
  • Best 3 Year Rates - Rankings - you are in this for the long haul! You can pick up rates which are signficantly above inflation. See our three year rankings here
  • Best 5 Year Rates - Rankings - banks will look to pay you significantly more (since they need to comply with Basel requirements) to deposit money with them. In fact there is a +/- 3% (annual) rate difference compared to three month rates. If you do not need the liquidity, then five year deposits may be what you are looking for.

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