SA's Best Fixed Deposit Rates
Standard Bank

South Africa's fixed deposit rates compared & updated on a monthly basis 😃

Welcome to my fixed deposit comparison site.

👋 Hi, I'm Walter. My goal is to help you find the best fixed deposit rates for you. I source fixed deposit rates from all the banks on a monthly basis. Convert all to effective annual rates. And rank them.

PS. all rates on this website last updated 3rd May 2022

When it comes to finding the best fixed deposit rate, did you know...

Your age matters. Some banks will pay you better rates if you are older than 55. I take this into account. Rankings & rates are displayed for individuals younger and older than 55.
Your investment amount matters. Higher rates can be achieved by depositing more money with some banks. That's why you will see rankings on this site and calculator take the investment amount into account.
If you compare - make sure you compare apples with apples. Banks will often advertise using a "simple interest rate". Why? Because these grab headlines and are higher than "nominal" and "effective annual rates". But it's important to compare the same type of rate.

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Every basis point matters