Fedgroup Fixed Deposit Review for May 2024

Last updated 1st May 2024 by Walter


This page summarises all the fixed deposits offered by Fedgroup. All the rates shown are sourced from the Fedgroup website - fedgroup.co.za. All rates shown on this page have been converted to nominal and effective annual rates! This allows you to compare rates across all banks. Yippee!

The Fedgroup fixed deposit interest calculator, allows you to calculate how much interest you will earn for your age, investment amount and term.

Fedgroup fixed deposits highlights

last updated 1st May 2024 by Walter

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Here are Fedgroup's best fixed deposit rates

The best interest rate you can get at Fedgroup is 9.9% for the 60-month fixed deposit. You will need a minimum deposit of R5,000 .

Here are Fedgroup's five best fixed deposit interest rates:

# Min deposit Term Nominal
1 R5,000 60 months 9.90%
only individuals older than 55 qualify

Fedgroup 5 year fixed deposit

This table shows Fedgroup's interest rates for a R10,000, R100,000, R250,000 and R1,000,000 investment in a 5 year fixed deposit versus the industry average.

Investment amount Nominal Industry average1 Earnings vs average2
R10,000 for 18+9.90% 9.64%
R10,000 for 55+9.90% 9.78%
R100,000 for 18+9.90% 9.79%
R100,000 for 55+9.90% 9.87%
R250,000 for 18+9.90% 9.84%
R250,000 for 55+9.90% 9.91%
R1,000,000 for 18+9.90% 9.86%
R1,000,000 for 55+9.90% 9.95%
How to read this table?

You get a 9.9% interest rate at Fedgroup for a R10,000 investment in a 5 year fixed deposit (if you are older than 18). The industry average is 9.64%. Over 5 years you will earn R219 more in interest at Fedgroup compared to the average bank.